They demand  for salary of RM800. It is so ridiculous yet so funny. They do not know how to do proper housework, they are are so naive to become a simple reader, their heads are empty and they involved in bad things. Plus their voice are sooo extremely loud.

We gave them off 1 day per week. But they get worsen.

Some of them are helped by their employer appropriately.  Some are beyond the limit. Can you imagine there are some maids who involved in adultary and gave birth to babies? Yup, there are cases as such. Furthermore, the employer’s family accept both of that adultary involved maid and the baby, while the father of that baby gone with the wind. The expenses of their daily living of course on the employer’s shoulder, who else?

And now, the employers’s children now become the maid to these low quality maids. They become the babysitter of the maid’s baby while the maid enjoying her 1 day off. And guess what, the maid pay these employer’s children of RM10 for top up!!!!!!!!!!! Hellooo…they are supposed to focus on study OK!!

Few days ago, the writer encountered this maid relaxing on a couch while the employer’s children feed the maid’s baby.

Oh…are we so nice?? How lovely and soft Malaysian are..

p/s= i use English when I’m mad..pls everybody, buat baik berpada-pada..

Ummu Abdil Bari

Kuala Lumpur.