1. If you lose any of your luggage please inform the Information Counter at the airport. You must report the loss immediately. Remember you should be given a reference number to track it down. Please inform the International Department of your university upon arrival to enable the department to assist you to locate your belongings.
  2. Please check your student visa. If you received only six (6) months then you should seek advise at the International Department of your university. You need to extend your visa at the Home Office in East Croydon. Its address is Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Rd, Croydon CR9 2BY. You will be fine if you have at least one (1) year or more depending on the duration of your course.
  3. You should report to the Accommodation Office if you have received a letter of confirmation regarding your room reservation. You may lose your security deposit if you delay doing so. You have to prepare payments for your accommodation in cash, traveller’s cheque or credit card.
  4. Enrollment is essential before joining a course. You need to have your offer letter, funds to pay your tuition fees and an enrollment form. After enrollment, you will be given a student card to access facilities at your university. Please remember to complete a request form for council tax exemption slip if you stay outside Halls of Residence campus.
  5. If you can’t pay the full amount of your tuition fees, please do not hesitate to visit the finance department to negotiate an installment plan. You may have to pay minimal installment charges.
  6. You need to open a bank account to enable you to receive funding from abroad. You need your passport, enrollment confirmation, student card, offer letter and accommodation confirmation letter (a.k.a. proof of address, obtainable from your school). It takes approximately 5 to 7 days to activate your account. It helps if you have opened an account with a bank that has affiliates world-wide.
  7. It is advisable to attend the induction programme to have a better picture of the course you intend to pursue and to understand the overall system of the university in particular. You will certainly have the opportunity to meet your tutors. Visit your respective departments and register subjects to your liking to proceed with the course. Remember! You only sign the registration documents if you really understand the subjects you wish to study.
  8. Please take time to register with the IT department to gain access to the IT system of the universities. The IT password is essential to gain FREE access to the internet
  9. Please register with your GP (General Practitioner) irrespective if you are staying in or outside the campus. After registration, you will receive a NHS (National Health Service) card with a reference number. This will entitle you to FREE medical consultations. However, if you need further health support you need to complete a form to receive a NHS certificate. This will entitle you to FREE extra benefits such as dental or eye checkups, medicine etc.
  10. You must register with the Malaysian Students Department (MSD) at Your registration will have a reference number which then enable you to seek assistance/advise if you face an accident, death, apply for scholarships, visa extension, employment etc.
  11. If you are staying outside the campus, it is advisable to apply for insurance to cover theft, fire and your belongings in the house or apartment. Insurance is cheap in UK and you can never know when tragedy will strike. (Get the advice from your bank – for instance bank of Scotland usually offer you with their content Insurance policy)
  12. Please seek the advice from persatuan or any student/family.